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In 2021 the UK Government announced changes to the requirements of The Building Regulations 2010.

These come into force on 15th June 2022.

The changes fall into two areas:

  1. Approved Documents F, L, O – These relate to energy efficiency
    standards. Approved Documents F and L have been revised and a new
    Approved Document O has been introduced for overheating.
  2. Approved Document S – This relates to the installation of electric
    vehicle charging points.
    These changes apply to extensions and alterations as well as new build.
    The transitional arrangements for the new regulations are as follows:
    The new regulations will apply to a project UNLESS –
    • The application is registered before 15th June 2022 and
    • Work starts on site before 15th June 2023.
    The new regulations will apply to any project that
    does not meet both deadlines.
    To download the new Approved Documents and for more information go to

Download latest regulations